Keyboard Controller
Keyboard Controller

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1. Support SONY VISCA, PELCO-D, PELCO-P, CISCO, POLYCOM, CANON, PANISONIC and other videoconference cameras

2. Can control 64 video conference cameras, Each protocol and baud rate independent setting, support multiple brands controlling simultaneously

3. Support VISCA, CISCO, POLYCOM protocol, support preset position storing, 8 preset positions for each channel

4. The address of VISCA, CISCO protocol can be automatically assigned by the keyboard controller

5. Use the high-end joystick, flexible manipulation, perfect feeling, high accuracy, just the same as SONY original

6. Backlight of the keys is adjustable with 10 grades

7. Support video switcher switch simulaneously Communication converter switch simultaneously

8. Support central forwarding function, Support central Controller and the keyboard control the camera simultaneously

9. 1*RS2321*RS485/422

 Name  KT-K410C
 Protocol  VISCA, PELCOP/D, Polycom, Cisco, Canon, Panisonic
 Baud Rate  1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200
 Joystick  Triaxial + a button, light coding, accuracy of ±80 level
 LCD display screen  English character version, blue backlight, 20 characters, 2lines
 Button  28 keys, Double color backlight, 10 level of brightness
 Quantity of controllable cameras  64
 Video switching matrix controller  Can control 1 video matrix with 8 inputs and 4 outputs
 Thecommunication dispatcher 16X4=64, can control 16 communication dispatchers, each one divides into 4

 1*RS485 interface, 2000 meters distance for camera controlling

 1*RS232interface, Support communication dispatcher serial port expansion(max. 64) for camera controlling

 1*RJ45(RS485/RS232) for Video communication matrix

 1*USB connect to PC host for system controlling.

 Power Supply  DC12V/500mA
 Material of the appearance  Aluminium Alloy
 Dimension  358(L) * 154(W) * 150(H)
 Weight  1.47KG

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